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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do all those initials stand for?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) The heating efficiency of a furnace
British Thermal Units (BTU) This is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree
British Thermal Units per Hour (BTUH) The amount of heat needed to melt one ton of ice in 24 hours
Cubic Foot per Minute (CFM) The standard measure of air flow
Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) The heating efficiency of a heat pump
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) The cooling efficiency of an air conditioner

Q: Where is your service area?

At Summer Breeze Comfort Systems, we are licensed in West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. We proudly serve the following areas:

Q: Which product brands do you sell and service?

We are able to sell and service any brand of equipment, but we specialize in Lennox, American Standard, York, Amana, Reznor, ComfortMaker, Climatemaster, and Mitsubishi.

Q: Air Conditioner or Heat Pump?

While a heat pump does carry a slightly higher cost than just an air conditioner, it operates more efficiently. Heat pumps both heat and cool your home, by moving heat from one area to another rather than creating it. A heat pump typically produces roughly two times more heat than the energy they consume. The fuel conversion efficiency is roughly the same as air conditioning systems during cooling months, but generally, heat pumps cost 30-40% less to operate during winter months when compared to conventional air conditioner and separate heating systems.

Q: What other services do you offer?

In addition to heating and cooling systems, we offer a full line of air quality products. Our product line includes APCO, Honeywell, Aprilaire, and Skuttle. We also service and install solar and geothermal systems, as well as radiant heating solutions. In addition, we install and service Generac brand generators, and on-demand and conventional water heaters.

Q: What don't you offer?

We will not install any generator purchased directly by the customer either online or from a store, such as Costco or Sam's club, due to warranty issues.

Q: What financing options do you offer?

We understand that replacing your heating and cooling system is probably an unplanned expense. That is why we are proud to offer financing options through Service Finance Company, LLC. They will work one-on-one with you to get you a loan with a low monthly payment that will offset the monthly energy savings you will enjoy for years to come.